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Her Spot - Sex Toys for Women
Her Spot - Sex Toys for Women
Fleshlight is proud to bring its customers a brand new line of premium products from the world’s best manufacturers of erotic products. All of our products in this category have been selected as representative of the quality of design and durability that is the signature of the Fleshlight brand. Whether you are a discerning woman looking an exciting experience, or a thoughtful partner looking for a great way to introduce the Fleshlight into the bedroom, you won’t find better toys for her anywhere else.
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Bswish Bgee G-Spot Vibrator
Bswish Bgee
Buy Bswish Bgee Online Now
Finding the g-spot is easy with this 7" massager. Curved in just the right place, you'll enjoy the ultimate sensation again and again. Smooth and easy to use; be free to explore.

Length 7 inches
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Bswish Bgood Vibrator
Bswish Bgood
Buy Bswish Bgood Online Now
Bgood to yourself or someone else. Bswish redefines the classic vibrator with this 7" waterproof, multispeed wonder. Let its silky touch guide you from whisper-soft caresses to explosive orgasms.

Length 7 inches
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Lelo Nea Vibrator
Lelo Nea Vibrator
Buy Lelo Nea Vibrator Online Now
Nea is a discreet pleasure object, full of toe-curling promise, with a unique porcelain-like finish decorated with a floral motif reminiscent of the belle époque, conveying tenderness mingled with sophistication. Sculpted for clitoral massage, its flowing form caresses the natural curves of the female body. Nea's size and subdued sound make it a perfect handbag accessory. Nea combines five stimulation modes with an intuitive interface to allow total control in the midst of ecstasy. It is rechargeable and a 2-hour charge provides up to 7 hours of bliss. Comes presented in an elegant gift box, accessorized with charger, manual and a satin pouch.
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Lelo Iris Vibrator
Lelo Iris Vibrator
Buy Lelo Iris Vibrator Online Now
IRIS is a multitalented pleasure object, graceful in appearance, yet powerful and skilful in pleasuring performance. A pair of individually balanced vibrator engines, operating in harmony, provides the basis for deep and sensual rubdowns. The intuitive interface dial, responsive to the slightest whim, facilitates exact intensity control, whilst the ergonomically curved stem stays intimately in touch with all those special places. Comes presented in an elegant gift box, accessorized with charger, manual and a satin pouch.
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Lelo Gigi Vibrator
Lelo Gigi Vibrator
Buy Lelo Gigi Vibrator Online Now
Gigi is a dedicated pleasure object for the discerning G-spot connoisseur. Carefully sculpted to unlock the secrets of this mysterious and special place, its dramatic shape breathes an air of investigative purpose. Five pre-programmed pleasure modes and a virtually silent vibrator engine deliver deep and vibrant sensations with spot-on precision. Gigi will happily assist in revealing the thrills of the elusive “G”, anytime, anywhere. Gigi is rechargeable and a 1-hour charge will provide up to 1,5 hours of bliss. Comes presented in an elegant gift box, accessorized with charger, manual, and a satin pouch.
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Phallix Double-Head Purple Dong
Phallix Double-Head Purple
Buy Phallix Double-Head Purple Online Now
The Dichroic Double Dong features a variety of sensations with sparkling dichroic ribs and spirals wrapped around a smooth, rock-solid shaft. As with all of the hand-blown Phallix glass pieces, the Sparkling Dichroic Double Dong is easy to clean and can be heated or cooled to your preference.

Our 7" x 1" Dichroic Double Dongs feature Sparkling Dichroic Ribs and Spirals Wrapped around the shaft. The heads are 1/4" larger than the base.
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Phallix G-Spot Wonder Clear Dong
Phallix G-Spot Wonder Clear
Buy Phallix G-Spot Wonder Clear Online Now
This piece is one of the most innovative pieces that we've produced, a toy that is intended to target the G-Spot as most of our curved pieces are but with the addition of ribs to stimulate the clitoris at the same time. The location of the ribs allow you to rub them over the clitoris as you penetrate in a circular motion to reach the G-Spot and the double ball end is very comfortable and easy to grip to maintain complete control.

The solid Pyrex shaft is 7 inches in length and 1 in diameter and curved just before it reaches the 1 1/2 inch diameter head. The ribs are smooth and nicely rounded adding approximately 1/4 inch to the shaft diameter. The double ball end is approximately 3/8 inch larger in diameter than the shaft.
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Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator With Attachments
Hitachi Magic Wand With Attachments
Buy Hitachi Magic Wand With Attachments Online Now
The Hitachi Magic Wand has come to be known as the "Cadillac" of personal massagers. If you haven't tried it, you've been deprived for too long. Its strong consistent vibrations provide sexual stimulation and pleasure that is like no other sex toy, and the soft head makes it great for solo or partner use. With two exciting attachments, The Wonder Wand and the G-Spotter, this package is guaranteed to satisfy.

For over 30 years, the Hitachi Magic Wand has set the standard for personal hand-held massagers. Unlike cordless massagers which use batteries, the Hitachi Magic Wand's strong, dual speed motor provides constant power for extended massage sessions.
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Titan Vibrator
Aneros Helix
Buy Titan Vibrator Online Now
For those seeking more power in a Pocket-Rocket style massager, we proudly offer the Titan. Manufactured to the same exacting standards as the Pocket Rocket and Water Dancer, the Titan adds room for a second battery in the longer handle which means more power than ever before!

"Watertight," with a translucent purple case that's 6 inches long (1 inch in diameter). Single speed. It can be used in the pool, spa, tub or shower, and is strong enough to feel through jeans!
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Rabbit Pearl Vibrator
Rabbit Pearl
Buy Rabbit Pearl Online Now
The "Original" Rabbit Pearl is beautifully designed and long-lasting, with a quiet motor making it the best of its kind. Pearls spinning wildly in the Rabbit's bulging midsection create a pulsating sensation against the vaginal walls as the amazing rabbit ears gently twitch the clitoris. With its ultra-soft pink jelly exterior, yet tantalizingly powerful vibrations you are sure to love this little bunny.

Thanks to Sex and the City, this fantastic dual-action is one of the most popular vibrators around and a must-have for every woman. Countless women consider the Rabbit Pearl Vibrator to be the best sexual pleasure toy ever invented.
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Screaming Octopus Vibrator
Screaming Octopus
Buy Screaming Octopus Online Now
This playful, waterproof toy has eight soft, supple tentacles that send waves of intense vibrations specifically designed to make the ladies scream, squiggle, and squeal with delight. The cute, waterproof design makes this a popular tub toy and adds excitement to your aquatic adventures. With TINGLE Tentacles.
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njoy Fun Wand
njoy Fun Wand
Buy njoy Fun Wand Online Now
The exploration of absolute ecstasy now has a name, the njoy Fun Wand. As njoy’s most versatile design, the Fun Wand provides a plethora of sensual possibilities. With 12 ounces of shining, orgasmic stainless steel bending in a sweet, sexy “S”, the Fun Wand is equipped with both a smooth, curving end for earth-shattering g-spot stimulation and graduated beads for anal play unlike anything you have experienced. If you are ready to njoy your full sexual potential, the Fun Wand is ready to take you there. The Fun Wand can be heated or cooled for extra stimulation and cleans up nicely with just about anything. In order to maintain shine, do not use abrasives. Comes with a beautiful satin lined box for safe-keeping.
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njoy Pure Wand
njoy Pure Wand
Buy njoy Pure Wand Online Now
Boasting 24 ounces of hard, curving, glistening stainless steel, the njoy Pure Wand is more than a sex toy, it is sexual evolution! The asymmetrical tapering and weight dispersion of the Pure Wand, along with its perfectly designed curve, provide endless and nearly effortless, mind-blowing g-spot and anal play orgasms. Let the weight of the Pure Wand assist in a deep penetrating massage that will leave you, or your partner, coming back for more. The Pure Wand can be heated or cooled for extra stimulation and cleans up nicely with just about anything. In order to maintain shine, do not use abrasives. Comes with a beautiful satin lined box for safe-keeping.
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njoy Plug Medium
njoy Plug Medium
Buy njoy Plug Medium Online Now
If you or your partner have always desired the experience of anal penetration or stimulation but were hesitant to try, the njoy Pure Plug is the gateway to a wonderful world of anal pleasure! The Medium Pure Plug combines a large but non-intrusive 1.25” head for a perfect stretch of penetration, with a tapered stem for easy retention and long-term comfort. This beautiful little gem is 7 ounces of mirror-finished stainless steel, designed to fit the natural curves of your body and provide comfort and unsurpassed pleasure with every use. The Pure Plug is perfect for all levels of anal play. Whether it is your first exploration or you are looking for the perfect fit for all of you double penetration fantasies, spoil yourself, or your partner, with the Pure Plug. All Pure Plugs can be heated or cooled for extra stimulation and clean up nicely with just about anything. In order to maintain shine, do not use abrasives. Comes with a beautiful satin lined box for safe-keeping.
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Buy Tickler Online Now
A Fleshlight Original Product - The Tickler serves as a combination Cock Ring and Clitoral Stimulator and is produced from a material similar to the Real Feel Super Skin which is used in all Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeves. Lubricate the massaging "fingers" with your favorite personal water-based lubricant and stretch the loop around your penis and, if desired, testicles.
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