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Fleshlight - Reviews and Testimonials From Fleshlight Customers

Fleshlight - Buy 2 Sleeves Get 1 Free


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“It's insanely durable. Unless you have a sandpaper cock it'll probably outlast you.”

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“After checking out your site for the first time, my curiosity of the Fleshlight grew stronger and stronger. I visited the Fleshlight web site almost every day for a week before I had enough guts to purchase it. I was hesitant because of the price, but because it was Christmas, I decided my penis was important enough for such a gift. When I finally received it and felt the pink lady ribbed gel insert for the first time, I almost went into a coma from the initial shock from how good it feels. It is extremely under priced! The Fleshlight is the most amazing product I have ever purchased. I will never masturbate without it again! I honestly still cannot believe how real it feels.”
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“I work all the time, constantly, and luck has not been going my ass of late. Yes, I got a new job making good money, but I had to relocate to a new area. So I have not made any new friends yet. I thought investing money into the Fleshlight would be a silly idea. I saw the ad for the Fleshlight and it looked curiously humorous. I was looking at it and I saw "The #1 Selling Male Sex Unit in the World" headline, I laughed and thought it was just another company trying to sell a bad product. I was completely wrong about that, by the way.

I got the toy about 30 minutes ago, and I'm already done using it. When I opened the Fleshlight box and looked at it I laughed, and I couldn't understand how it would feel good by the way it looked, that’s when I touched it. It felt like I was touching real skin, you could feel the skin and the fat underneath the skin. It was an absolute shock to me. This wasn’t the first sex toy I had ever bought. and I do say it was worth every single penny I put into it. It felt so amazingly realistic it blew my mind, I had purchased the STU because it was rated the best, and I can see why. I did not even last 3 minutes using it, I wasn't expecting it to feel so good, and it has been over 4 months since I bought the Fleshlight, and it still feels fantastic!”
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“After 18 years of marriage, I needed something like Fleshlight! It's like being with another woman! This thing feels real, I am very happy with the Fleshlight! It took me only about 2 or 3 minutes to finish the first time I used it. Don’t be standing up when you use this the first time, I almost collapsed on the floor. I don’t remember the last time I came that hard before.”
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“I got the Fleshlight a few days back now. Wow! The sensations are great, and the heavy weight, which I thought at first, was going to complicate things, turns out to be a help! I've had other toys before that just broke down after a month of use, and took lots of work to get results from. Not true with the Fleshlight! Finally, I can say I've found a company with a product that's worth the money to buy... hats off to a great company and a top notch product! Thanks a bunch guys!”
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“The Fleshlight gives me such intense orgasms, I haven't even used my hands since I've received it! Thank you, Fleshlight!”
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“Wow. I must say I ordered your product because curiosity got the better of me. I can honestly say that I am glad I made the purchase! The Fleshlight feels incredibly realistic. Orgasms are explosive and long lasting when using the Fleshlight I will never masturbate without it again, if I can help it. Guys, do not hesitate to make this purchase, you will be glad you did. Thanks!”
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“When I placed my order for your product I was very skeptical, having tried other products that were, well, less than gratifying if not outright painful. But when I received your product the first thing I noticed was the weight of the package it came in. Then when I opened it and felt the texture and the softness of the material, I immediately noticed it's potential. Now, after trying your product I can't say how impressed I am with it! In fact, the first 2 times I tried it I laughed out loud at how incredible my new toy was! I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I think if I had paid 3 times the price for it would still have been a bargain. That's not an exaggeration. Thanks again for a great product”
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“I was very skeptical about using a fake vagina but there is simply no other way to describe what I felt when I penetrated the Lia19 pussy. The first thing that went through my mind was Holy Shit! My entire body was shaking and I knew instantly it would be an awesome experience. It felt so good, tight and warm and I can honestly say that it felt even better than a real pussy. Watching that little pussy of Lia19 spread over my cock was incredible. The lips literally hug your cock so as you withdraw, they are stretched back out and gripping your shaft. Then you push in again and they roll back slightly, gripping even tighter.

I swear it looks and feels more like a real vagina than anything I’ve ever tried in my life. I can’t believe how awesome it feels, and I love the look of Lia19 labia’s. After a few minutes I couldn’t hold it anymore and let loose one of the most satisfying loads I’ve ever had. My orgasm was so intense that I couldn’t take the Fleshlight off my cock for like 3 minutes because my dick was too sensitive. It felt like I just had a quality fuck session with a hot and tight 19 year old girl. I don’t think I can ever go back to my hand again. I absolutely love my Lia19, the way it grabs my penis as I’m sliding in and out.

I would recommend the Fleshlight to anyone who wants to take masturbation to the next level and this particular Lia19 Lotus insert if you really want to go for the realistic sensation of fucking a tight pussy. It’s nice to have some way of getting off whenever I want. I also like to use it before having sex with my girlfriend because it increases my stamina. I can blow my load into the Fleshlight so that when the real thing comes around I’m ready to last longer. This was money very well spent! Thank you Fleshlight, and thank you Lia19 for an awesome experience.”
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Fleshlight - Buy 2 Sleeves Get 1 Free
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